Bad Boy Buggies Ambush


Columbus, GA– Thanks to the Bad Boy Buggies Ambush utility vehicle, available in Realtree AP, hunters no longer have to choose between the silent, odorless operation of an electric vehicle or the extended range offered by a gas powertrain. With the Bad Boy Buggies Ambush, they can do it all.

The Bad Boy Buggies Ambush, which will be available through dealers in summer 2012, features a 48-volt electric drivetrain and a 16 hp, 480cc V-Twin gas engine, either of which can operate the vehicle independently in two-wheel-drive operation, or which can be operated in tandem for four-wheel-drive power. With a range of up to 100 miles, the Ambush offers the avid hunter a solution for longer hunting excursions where both extended range and low-noise, odorless operation are necessary for a successful hunt.

The Ambush will be available in both a four-passenger model with a rear-facing back seat, and a two-passenger model with a 9.6-cubicfoot cargo bed. The vehicle provides three separate operating modes: rear-wheel-drive 2WD gas, front-wheel-drive 2WD electric, and 4WD with both gas and electric powertrains engaged. Operators can shift from gas to electric mode “on the fly” using a simple control integrated into the vehicle’s keyswitch.

An onboard computer coordinates the operation of the Ambush’s dual powertrains, ensuring that the gas and electric systems work together for maximum power and efficiency and making control easy for the driver.

Other standard features include:

  • a manually locking rear differential, which can be engaged in 2WD gas or 4WD operation, to help navigate the toughest terrain;
  • a momentary boost switch that offers immediate 4WD operation at the push of a button to power through the trail’s deepest ruts and eddies;
  • four-wheel hydraulic brakes with a regenerative braking feature that recharges the vehicle’s 48-volt electric drivetrain as the vehicle is in operation;
  • independent A-arm front suspension with MacPherson struts to absorb the bumps and jolts of the journey;
  • front bucket seats to get driver and passenger to the blind in comfort;
  • a 2-inch rear hitch receiver to tow implements and equipment ;
  • headlights and taillights to light the way at dawn and dusk, and a front brush guard to protect the vehicle’s finish in dense brush and on overgrown paths;
  • a blackout switch that immediately cuts power to vehicle lighting to allow for stealthy approach;
  • numerous safety features including a rollover protection system (ROPS), hand-actuated parking brake and optional three-point seatbelts;
  • 25-inch trail tires to provide surefooted traction on tough, muddy climbs
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