CORDURA Denim Fabric Featured in Latest Jeans from Swrve Inc.


CORDURA brand, popularly known for its long-lasting durability, has been adopted by designers of Swrve, a provider of stylish urban cycling apparel, to offer comfortable, yet high-performing cycling jeans. Made from comfortably durable CORDURA Denim fabric, the jeans are customized for the urban biker and offer necessary flexibility and functionality without sacrificing everyday style and comfort. Additionally, CORDURA Denim fabric affords the pants long-lasting strength, and resistance to tears, scuffs and abrasions that is crucial for city cyclists.

Swrve cycling jeans made with CORDURA Denim fabric come in regular trim fit and skinny fit styles, and feature a low-waist front that helps prevent belt buckles from digging into the skin. The high-waist back ensures warmth and a snug backside fit. With articulated knees and a seamless gusseted crotch, the pants allow for ease of movement and exceptional comfort. The jeans also showcase a variety of useful features, including a rivet reinforced pocket entry, back pockets customized for a mini U-lock and reflective belt loops, as well as reflective strips that are visible when the jeans are rolled up and cuffed.

“Urban cyclists depend on long-lasting, performance inspired fabrics that are flexible enough to stand up to the demands of the ride yet stylish enough to go from the road to work,” said Cindy McNaull, global CORDURA brand and marketing director. “As part of our Apparel Collection, CORDURA Denim fabric has the look and feel of regular cotton denim jeans, but provides exceptional strength and durability which is ideal for on-the-go cyclists.”

Additional key benefits of CORDURA Denim fabric include:

  • The authentic look and feel of traditional 100 percent cotton denim.
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance – Four times more resistant to abrasion than standard 100 percent cotton denim fabric.
  • The heritage of the CORDURA brand which has proven performance in many of the world’s toughest environments. .

“Although our jeans have been known to withstand the rigors of cycling more than regular cotton, we wanted to make them last even longer,” said Muriel Bartol, general manager, Swrve Inc. “When we found out the CORDURA brand was making stretch denim, we knew it would be a perfect complement to our basic jean. The bike seat area tends to wear out the fastest because of the rider exerting a lot of effort in pedaling; therefore, it produces a lot of stress and rubbing that wears through the cotton fibers quickly. Using the CORDURA Denim fabric eliminates most of that wearing and the best thing about the fabric itself is that it looks and feels just like regular denim.”

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