Guerini Announces Evolution and Summit Ascent Models


Caesar Guerini has announced the introduction of two new specialized sporting clays shotguns for 2012. Both over-and-under shotguns feature high rib designs to accommodate the popular upright shooting position.

The Evolution Sporting is a unique blend of style and function. The round body action is based on Guerini’s Ellipse series of shotguns that were introduced in 2010. The features and adjustability is reminiscent of their popular Impact Sporting model. This unique combination makesasportinggunwithverycontemporarylines. Themostnoticeabledeparturefromthe Impact is the new 14mm high rib with a vibration dampening system located midway on the barrel. The range of adjustability has been reduced to 50/50% – 70/30% point-of-impact allowing the total height of the rib to be reduced. In fact, the Evolution is the lowest height adjustable rib shotgun on the market today.

High rib sporting clays shotguns are in demand by the modern competitor, but not everyone needs the extreme adjustability offered on some of the current Guerini shotguns. The new Summit Ascent is the answer for the shooter that desires a minimalist approach, but wants a higher rib and Monte Carlo stock without the additional cost. The Ascent features a 10mm high ramp style rib with a slightly tapered width of 10mm tapering to 8mm at the muzzle. The barrel and stock have been tuned to make the shotgun balance between the hands for improved handling. Both models include a long list of performance features found on all Caesar Guerini target guns.

Continued”The Caesar Guerini Impact line of shotguns has been very popular. We have developed the Ascent and Evolution in response to the American shooter’s demanding even more options in a similar style shotgun” said Wes Lang, President of Caesar Guerini USA.

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