New Balance Joins Grassroots Outdoor Alliance as a Vendor Partner


Grassroots Outdoor Alliance (GOA) is pleased to announce that New Balance has joined our organization as a Vendor Partner.

New Balance, founded in 1906 as The New Balance Arch Company, manufactured arch supports and orthopedic shoes. New Balance made its first pair of running shoes in 1938. Today, New Balance is headquartered in Boston, MA and has the following mission: “ Demonstrating responsible leadership, we build global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host. New Balance is currently the only athletic shoe company that manufactures footwear in the U.S. with 25% of our U.S. footwear shipments produced at five New England facilities.”

In addition to being focused on making great footwear, New Balance established the New Balance Foundation in 1981 “to support charitable organizations whose humanitarian efforts work for the betterment of our children and communities. The heart of our focus is the prevention of childhood obesity. “
“As a leader in Outdoor Footwear and with our recent successful launch of NB Minimus, New Balance is excited to have developed a strategic relationship with the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance and their retail members.” Peter Zappala, Vice President, Specialty Sales, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

Dawson Wheeler, Chairman of GOA’s Vendor Committee and President of Rock/Creek shared his thoughts on New Balance joining as a vendor partner. “New Balance joining The Grassroots Alliance is very exciting news for our organization. New Balance rounds off our very strong category with several fantastic partners. Trail running is a market that our retail members and vendors are very focused on. New Balance also brings the cross over to street and lifestyle footwear which is huge. Few companies have their experience and we look forward to tapping that knowledge. I am certain the partnership will benefit both organizations.”

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