Reel Fun Enterprises Releases Two New Products


Reel Fun Enterprises today announced the release of two new products, the Catcher’s MittTM and the TipsterTM.  The Catcher’s Mitt is a mitt that eases the pain of lipping and handling fish and is paired with stainless steel pliers, both of which are conveniently attached to your hip for ease of use with a cross draw sheath.  The second product is the Tipster which is an efficient way to catch fish while allowing the tipping action of the floating device to alert you to the hooked fish.

The Catcher’s Mitt was developed to solve the problem of handling fish with sharp fins or teeth without cutting your hands or getting messy.  This is a one finger mitt, coated inside and out for water proofing, and features an open design that makes it easy to slip your hand in and out of as needed. It is paired with stainless steel pliers and a cross draw sheath that features a pocket which holds the pliers with friction, eliminating the need to unfasten a strap to access them. The mitt itself is attached to a spring loaded reel which keeps the mitt handy and puts tension on it during use to ensure that it doesn’t fall off your hand.

The Tipster is a simple, efficient fish catching device that comes complete with an attached line and hook.  The tipping action will alert anglers when it needs attention, allowing anglers to spend even more time fishing and less time checking lines.  This is the perfect tool to catch more fish.

“We are really excited to bring these products to market.  The Tipster is a simple tool, but very effective.  And although gloves are great for handling lots of fish at one time, they are terrible for handling one fish every now and then.  And most folks don’t want to have a glove on while fishing.  There was a lot of thought and testing that went into the making of the Catcher’s Mittas a tool every angler can use,” stated owner and inventor Mark Cartwright.

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