Macks Prairie Wings Named Winchester Dealer of the Year


Each year, Winchester Ammunition honors a dealer who sets a high standard in sales and promotions with its Dealer of the Year Award. Mack’s Prairie Wings was recently named this past year’s winner at the 2012 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

“By recognizing Mack’s Prairie Wings with the 2011 Dealer of the Year Award, Winchester is acknowledging the value they place on the investments we’ve made in our business – not only to provide excellent service, but also to offer the best ammunition products to our customers,” said Marion McCollum, Mack’s Prairie Wings CEO.

Mack’s Prairie Wings, known as America’s Premier Waterfowl Outfitter, has a heritage dating back to the 1930s. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Ark., the company provides hunters with a wide variety of quality gear including calls, decoys, ammunition and more.

“Mack’s Prairie Wings has been a leading dealer of Winchester Ammunition for many years,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of sales and marketing. “This award is our way of saying ‘thanks’ for helping us put Winchester Ammunition in the hands of our customers.”

Recipients of the Dealer of the Year award display high standards for customer service and product knowledge, and utilize all opportunities to promote the Winchester brand through advertising, sales promotions and in-store merchandising. They carry a complete line of Winchester products, conduct retail events, support industry programs and actively support local efforts in various areas like conservation, safety and hunter education.

In 1989, Winchester Ammunition set the benchmark for partnering with independent dealers with the inception of the Winchester Ammunition Advisory Center program, and more than 20 years later, it continues to set the standard for dealer programs. To be nominated for the Dealer of the Year Award, a company must participate in this program.

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