R. Lee Ermey Draws a Crowd at SHOT Show


While waiting to snap some pictures of Marine Gunnery Sargent R. Lee Ermey (Ret.), one of the patrons leaned over and suggested that if Gunny was there, there’d be a line for popsicles at the North Pole.

I second that notion. Not because I appreciate the fact that the man served his country (he did), not because I’m a fan of his acting (I am) and not because of his skills behind the trigger (which he has). I second that notion because I’ve seen him deliver the goods time and time again.

No matter what the event — the NRA Annual Meeting, SHOT Show, the National Police Shooting Championship — if you see a line that wraps around the building then there’s a good chance that R. Lee Ermey is the man they’re waiting to see.

And they’re not just here for autographs or pictures. No, they are also here to say thanks. With a handshake, a hug or a souvenir from home, those who make the wait try to give a little back to a man they believe has given them so much.

Carlos, for example, came to SHOT Show all the way from Ambato, Ecuador. Not only is he here to check out the latest supplies for his store, but also to deliver the Gunny a gift … a carved parrot from his home town.

Always the gentlemen, Gunny grinned, took the gift in hand and replied, “Let’s get a picture with that new bird of mine.”

The crowd laughed, snapped some pictures and returned to the line — waiting for their turn to meet Gunny up close and personal

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