An Introduction to Dallas Safari Club


Dallas Safari Club was on site at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, 2012. POMA Media Center spoke with DSC’s Executive Director Ben Carter about the organization.

The Dallas Safari Club is a unique organization because of the variety of members’ hometowns. Members are not only Dallas, Texas residents, but come from the whole United States and other countries abroad.

2012 will mark the 17th annual “Hunters for the Hungry” fund. Each whitetail season, the DSC encourages deer hunters to donate all or a portion of their harvest to this cause. DSC pays a portion of the fee at participating processing locations across the nation.

Ben Carter explains what the DSC’s mission statement is, who their members are and a brief word on their annual convention in the following video.

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About Dallas Safari Club

Dallas Safari Club boasts members from all over the globe. The club was formed in 1970 with a common mission in mind: to preserve hunters’ rights, conserve wildlife, and promote outdoor education. Once a year, in January, the club hosts one of the world’s largest outdoor sporting conventions. Additionally, they sponsor an outdoor education course in public schools and hold tournaments and competitions with most of the proceeds going toward wildlife conservation worldwide. For more information and materials on Dallas Safari Club, visit their webpage,

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