Rippin Lips Poised to Take Catfishing to the Masses


Catfish are cool. Just ask one of the over 7 million American anglers who pursue these curious and captivating aquatic characters. In fact, it’s said that anglers can be divided into two groups: those who know cats are the bomb and fish for ‘em proudly, and those who know it, but aren’t quite willing to admit it (yet.)


Ok, so that might be tickling the truth. And yet, despite the great popularity of cats, anglers who chase the four North American species—channels, blues, flatheads and whites—remain, in terms of available quality fishing tackle and gear, the most underserved angling group in North America. Tackle store aisles are wholly decorated with advanced armaments for trout, bass, walleyes and panfish— and even for muskie and salmon, whose ranks pale in comparison to cats. All the while, millions of catfishers find their inadequate gear selection limited to a cobwebbed corner of a baitshop.

Rippin Lips reckons they’ll fix that. They believe that cat anglers want their own stuff, need their own stuff—bait and tackle that catches cats like Rapala fools bass. Which is where the progressive catfish-friendly company enters the scene. In just its fourth year of operation, Rippin Lips is formulating the finest catfish bait and species-specific gear on either side of the Mighty Miss. Their message is simple: “We want to assure that all anglers have access to the best quality catfishing bait and tackle possible,” says legendary catfish angler and Rippin Lips co-owner, John Jamison. “We want to make it fun and simple for everyone to catch catfish, every time they go fishin’. That’s what Rippin Lips products are all about.”


To help spread their message of “Catfish for Everyone,” Rippin Lips recently partnered with fishing-focused Traditions Media, whose high-energy marketing and public relations campaigns have ‘adrenalized’ and expanded business for many of the fishing industry’s top companies.

“Catfish are one of the most popular, yet least celebrated and promoted gamefish in North America,” says Traditions Media President, Noel Vick. “Cat-heads have historically suffered from a lack of quality tackle and gear. We recognize that catfish are one of the most accessible and sporty fish species plying our waters—even in densely populated urban areas, all anglers have a chance to catch a whopper catfish every time they hit the water. That makes catfish special. We know Rippin Lips baits and products are going to help anglers catch more catfish. We’re excited to tell their story, and to get people energized about fishing for these tremendous sportfish.

“And you can expect to hear about some amazing new developments coming from Rippin Lips in the very near future.”

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