Safariland Introduces Buckleless Lightweight Duty Belt


Safariland, a BAE Systems business, introduced today the Model 4832 Lightweight Duty Belt, a design that is almost 30 percent lighter than other traditional equipment belts and helps to solve an issue that police officers face daily: an overloaded duty belt weighing down their hips.

The Model 4832 Lightweight Duty Belt features the same synthetic leather-look outer material that is used in the SafariLaminate product line, yet the lightweight difference in this belt is a synthetic inner layer that provides strength and rigidity while minimizing the depth and weight. This belt features the Safariland Buckleless attachment system and has a full length hook lining which, when used in conjunction with the Model 99 Buckleless belt, completes the system for secure equipment carry on the belt.

“This reduction in weight — especially when combined with other weight saving equipment — can be felt immediately,” stated James Dawson, Duty Gear Category Director for Safariland. “Our goal is to provide products that help protect officers on the street while continually improving the technology to make the product more efficient and comfortable.”

Additional Safariland weight-saving equipment includes the Model 8111 Steloy Chain Handcuff (40 percent lighter than standard cuffs), Safariland STX Tactical finish accessories, and the Model 6390 ALS Duty Holster, all of which when used together significantly reduce weight from the officer’s belt.

The Model 4832 Lightweight Duty Belt is available in black, plain, basket weave and hi-gloss finish. It is offered at $62.00 MSRP and is available now.

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