This Week on The Revolution


The Revolution has a mixed bag of outdoor highlights they know you’ll enjoy: from the Monster Buck Classic We are Kansas, a new book by Georgia Pellegrini, and outdoor television series MeatEater and Charlie Moore: No Offense. Also get updates from Winchester, Wildlife Properties and Unprofessional Fisherman.

Monster Buck Classic
We Are Kansas!
The inaugural Monster Buck Classic (We are Kansas) will be making its debut at the Kansas ExpoCentre in Topeka, KS January 27-29, 2012. Brian Smith fills us in on this event with over 160 exhibitors and vendors and tons of attractions. Find out more here!


Author, hunter, and outdoorsman Steven Rinella talks about his partnership with Sportsman Channel for the new original series MeatEater. In MeatEater, Rinella will deconstruct and master any hunting technique; track and pursue prey; and procure his own food. Tune in!

Charlie Moore

Charlie Moore: No Offense is a show about Charlie Moore, the Mad Fisherman, a guy from Boston who travels around the country inviting special guests, celebrity and non celebrity, to come into his world. Charlie will be here to talk about the new season, guests and more!


Wild hog populations have exploded in the United States – with no sign of slowing down. New from Winchester is the Razorback XT™ – the world’s first specialized cartridge specifically designed for wild hog hunting. Mike Stock from Winchester gives us the details.

Free Giveaway
What happens when classically-trained New York chef Georgia Pellegrini heads out of the city and into the wild to track down the ingredients for her meals? Find out more on this week’s show…but also enter to win a free copy of her new book,
Girl Hunter.

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