ZYM Company Celebrates 5th Anniversary


Five years ago, cyclist and endurance athlete Brian Koff knew there had to be a better way for athletes to carry electrolyte sports drinks than filling plastic baggies with powder. Inspired by a European product that was unavailable in the U.S. – a simple tablet that dissolved in water – Koff started BE Innovations to develop and market his own such product.

Today, ZYM Endurance, Catapult, and Rival portable electrolyte drinks are widely used products that have caught the attention of editors and athletes alike, challenging established brands such as Gatorade, Accelerade and Powerade in the highly competitive world of endurance athlete nutrition.

BE Innovations, the company, has also been a success, demonstrating strong growth every year, with distribution in thousands of cycling, running and sporting goods stores, including mass market “big box” retailers. Growth in 2011 soared 200 percent over 2010.

Koff, a 38-year-old Chicago native, is uniquely qualified to take on this very competitive business category. He earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Visual Communication from Northern Illinois University and has has 10 years of experience in package design and branding, with companies such as General Mills, Coca Cola, and Pepsi.

All three of ZYM’s portable sports drinks have bubbled with success.

ZYM Endurance is a blend of electrolytes and B Vitamins that makes it effective against fatigue, muscle burn and dehydration. Its lemon-lime flavor is subtle and fresh tasting. ZYM Endurance promotes fresh legs, natural energy and higher endurance.

ZYM Catapult is fused with 100mg of natural Guaraná caffeine, creating a supercharged version of ZYM Endurance. The berry flavored ZYM Catapult adds B12 vitamins to the mix, giving athletes a jolt of energy while fighting off dehydration, fatigue, and muscle pain.

ZYM Rival features a refreshing orange flavor, the natural sweetener Stevia, electrolytes, and vitamins. ZYM Rival is packed with essential electrolytes to maintain superior hydration for sustained athletic performance.

Each ZYM tablet combines convenience and portability with you-can-feel-the-difference performance. Once a ZYM tablet (the size of a quarter) is dropped into 16-20 oz. of water it dissolves quickly, ready to drink. ZYM tabs have no sugar, are less than seven calories, and are easily carried in a cycling jersey, a runner’s waist belt, small pack or pocket.

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