Youth Outdoors Legacy Fund Announces 2011 Program Year Grants to 8 Organizations Totaling $110,000



With the determination of those committed to a life rich in outdoor experiences, the Youth Outdoors Legacy Fund board has navigated through a tough economic journey. In 2011, YOLF granted $110,000 to 8 organizations and is poised to implement an updated funding strategy in 2012. The YOLF mission includes two important commitments:  get more kids outdoors and assist the volunteers who help create meaningful moments with quality programs which ignite kids’ own legacy of outdoor experience. Now embarking on year 7, to date YOLF has issued grants exceeding $847,000 to 65 youth outdoor groups across the U.S. in support of the mission established when it began in 2005.

These 8 organizations received program year grants during 2011 from YOLF:

  • 1.  Appalachian Mountain Club (Boston, Mass.) – $15,000 to support the Youth Opportunities Program in the Northeast
  • 2.  Bay Area Wilderness Training (Oakland, Calif.) – $15,000 to support Wilderness Leadership Training
  • 3.  The Colorado Mountain Club (Denver, Colo.) – $10,000 to support the Youth Education Program
  • 4.  YMCA of Greater Seattle (Seattle, Wash.) – $12,500 to support the BOLD Program
  • 5.  Outdoor Outreach (San Diego, Calif.) – $15,000 to support the Outdoor Outreach Program
  • 6.  Youth Conservation Corps, Inc. (Waukegan, Ill.) – $12,500 to provide general support
  • 7.  The Sierra Club Foundation (Seattle, Wash.) – $15,000 to support Inner City Outings
  • 8.  Rocking the Boat (New York, N.Y.) – $15,000 to support education programming and restoration on the Bronx River

Because of the economic stresses borne by non-profit groups and the foundations that have supported them, the YOLF board of directors has carefully reviewed the economic sustainability of funding to deliver its mission. Recognizing that many excellent youth outdoor programs have weakened or even folded, the board is considering an approach that consolidates funding to a specific program with wide outreach.

“We plan to issue another announcement regarding our new funding strategy very soon. Investing in our youth outdoors mission takes time and careful research,” said YOLF founder Dennis Madsen.

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