Carbon Express Puts the ‘Whitetail’ in ‘Freak’


Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology, innovation and precision is pleased to announce the renewal of the hosts Don and Kandi Kisky to the Carbon Express Pro Staff. The husband and wife hunting team is well known for the popular program, Whitetail Freaks, as seen on The Outdoor Channel. The Kisky’s and the crew of “Freaks” will continue to engage viewers with radical storylines of some of the most pulse-racing bucks ever laid down on camera.

“After a single year of shooting the newest series of technically advanced precision arrows, I can honestly say that we had one of the most successful seasons in Kisky history,” stated Don Kisky. The Maxima Blue Streak arrows provided the crew and me with unmatched performance. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Carbon Express and forging ahead into this fall with utmost confidence that the Carbon Express® arrows will provide us with the best trophy killing ability ever.”

“Carbon Express has become the very blood of the Whitetail Freak nation,” remarked Kandi Kisky. “Our crew and I are honored to be a part of the Carbon Express Pro Staff and to use arrows that deliver the precision and performance we demand year-in-and-year-out.”

“The Kisky’s have redefined whitetail hunting,” remarked Rob Eastman, the President of Carbon Express. “This popular husband and wife team along with the other diehards have shown America what big buck hunting is all about. We are proud to have the Kiskys and the Whitetail Freaks television program as part of the Carbon Express brand effort and look forward to another great season of entertainment.”


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