Crossbow Magazine Launches New Product Testing Program for 2012


The Crossbow Magazine staff has decades of combined crossbow hunting and shooting experience. No other staff in the industry can make this claim. Now you can take full advantage of that experience.

Crossbow Magazine has begun a product testing program at the request of several crossbow accessory manufacturers. The current marketing trend is to stamp “crossbow” on standard archery products and sell them as crossbow specific.

If you currently manufacture or market a crossbow specific product now there’s a way to separate yourself from the pretenders. Here’s how the program works.

Anyone can submit a product to be tested by the Crossbow Magazine staff. The product will be rated on a five star rating system. It must receive a minimum of three stars to receive approval. The Crossbow Magazine staff will put each product through a variety of testing situations using a minimum of ten different brands of crossbows.

If the product passes our extensive testing and performs as advertised, it will receive the “Crossbow Magazine Approval” certification. The product will then be featured in Crossbow Magazine and listed on our website. In return the product manufacturer will receive a copy of the “Crossbow Magazine Approved” logo to use with their marketing and packaging.

Here’s what people are saying about the testing program;

  1. “Sweet!!! It will be nice to know if something is worth buying before actually buying it.
  2.  “That sounds like a win win for everyone involved.
  3.  “I know if there were two different but similar products on a shelf and one had the CBM approval and the other didn’t which one I would buy.
  4.  “That makes a lot of sense when you think about it. An independent study performed by a
  5. knowledgeable staff.
  6. “ It’s ABOUT time …… I love this idea!

If you’re interested in submitting a product to be tested by the Crossbow Magazine staff please contact Todd at Crossbow Magazine.

Phone: 724-967-2593
Fax: 724-376-2137
Email: [email protected]

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