Standard Reference of Firearms Released


The most trusted firearms sourcebook has reached shelves with its newest edition, Gun Digest’s 2012 Standard Catalog of Firearms, giving readers more photos, prices, handguns, rifles and shotguns. It’s the must-have guide that provides readers with the world’s hottest collectible firearms, past and present, along with entries for the industry’s newest offerings.

Edited by the Jerry Lee, Gun Digest’s all-new Standard Catalog gives readers more than 7,500 photos and extended descriptions to let readers know exactly what they have and what its worth. The Standard Catalog has up to six condition grades for every entry, more than 110,000 prices listed and a stunning 16-page color section featuring the fascinating world of cartridge collecting.

If you’re a shooter or collector, or if you buy, sell or trade collectible firearms, Standard Catalog of Firearms is the best insurance you can buy!

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