GoFit Inks Deal with Leading Canadian Sports Distributor B-FIT


GoFit, the United States’ leading supplier of handheld fitness equipment, is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with B-FIT Distribution, a wholly owned division of Schure Sports Inc. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Schure Sports has been a highly respected supplier of superior- quality products to the sports and athletic industry in Canada and around the globe since 1982. This new collaboration will launch B-FIT Distribution as the first and exclusive Canadian distributor of GoFit fitness products to Canadian retailers. Likewise the deal will put product and world-class instructional content directly into the hands of Canadian at-home fitness consumers.

As the premier provider of handheld fitness solutions, GoFit offers over 200 quality, fitness products—ranging from stability balls, yoga mats, power tubes and kettlebells, to weighted resistance, balance and core performance products. GoFit also offers world-class training methods with strategic partnerships from top experts in the industry through instructional DVDs and guides that accompany each gadget. B-FIT Distribution is an all-new branch of Schure Sports Inc and is dedicated solely to the lucrative yoga and home fitness markets. Aimed to complement Schure’s already-stellar roster of sports and athletic apparel brands, the distribution of GoFit’s leading products will continue the company’s tradition of providing top quality products and exceptional service.

“GoFit is the latest addition to our growing group of brands distributed by B-FIT Distribution. They are the best exercise manufacturer in North America, and we are thrilled to present their products to Canadian retailers,” says Franklin Gwartz of B-FIT Distribution.

GoFit co-founder and owner Richard Davis says that this new venture into Canadian markets marks the first time that Canadian customers will have the opportunity to purchase GoFit products from a Canadian warehouse, in Canadian dollars, without needing to import from the United States.

“We’ve been working on really tapping in to the Canadian market for some time now. Previously Canadian consumers would have to purchase online from U.S. e-commerce sites or import directly from U.S. retailers. B-FIT will make our products directly available to leading retailers across Canada and as a result, consumers will have the ability to walk down the street and purchase our fitness items at their favorite neighborhood sports or athletic stores,” says Davis.

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