New e-book Celebrates Turkey Hunting


“Turkey Camp… and other turkey hunting stories,” is a new e-book that celebrates why we love the sport of turkey hunting. At just $3.99, it will load your e-reader or computer screen with a dozen stories about this addicting sport.

Written and illustrated by Mark Strand, lifelong hunter and angler, longtime outdoor writer, photographer and filmmaker, who has embraced the new technology of digital publishing.

Wild turkeys cast a spell on those who love to hunt them, and this book celebrates these magnificent birds as well as any work of turkey hunting literature. It takes you on a cross-country adventure to many corners of wild turkey country, with creative, vivid descriptions and impressionistic images that mesh perfectly for a memorable read.

“Turkey Camp” is published in e-book formats, readable on all modern e-readers and computer screens. It’s available directly from the author at Click on MSO Store to buy your copy. You’ll get a file with the book in three formats, along with instructions on how to load it into your reader.

You can also get “Turkey Camp” from all major e-retailers. Search for it in the Amazon Kindle store, Barnes and Noble Nook store, iTunes book store, or Sony Reader store.

“Anybody can write about sitting still beside a tree and shooting a turkey if the turkey is in the mood to die that day,” says well-known writer Jim Spencer. “But that’s the ‘how.’ It’s the ‘why’ that’s important. I’m glad Mark’s book starts off with “Who Knows Where the Season Goes.” That one blew me away when I read it the first time, and it blew me away again when I read it just now.”

“It’s a great read,” echoes turkey hunting legend Ray Eye. “Mark takes the reader there with him. I could see everything he talked about. I started reading it just to check it out, but then I had to read the whole thing.”

“I found myself belly laughing at Strand’s anecdotes and miscues,” adds outdoor writer Steve Felgenhauer, “and just a few pages later, a lump formed in my throat as he shared the final days and last hunt with his father. This book should come with a warning. Caution: will cause sleepless nights and an incurable urge to think about turkey hunting all year long.”

If you love turkey hunting, and love reading about it, get a good dose for about the cost of one gallon of gas. And you can read it on your smartphone when you’re out there in the woods and nothing’s happening.

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