Shoot More and Fletch Less With NuFletch


Thanks to the folks at NuFletch, arrows have now evolved from the Stone Age mentality to modern world aerodynamics. NuFletch’s insight and creativity have made arrow fletching nightmares a thing of the past.

NuFletch has worked hard to bring about a product that delivers the performance you expect. Fletching takes up time and money, and bowhunters want to shoot more and fletch less. NuFletch inserts allow you to do just that…more accurately, more efficiently and a whole lot easier.

Accurate as conventional fletching, this innovative idea from NuFletch promotes flatter trajectory, increased penetration and simplifies the essential fletching process so critical to maximize arrow performance. The NuFletch inserts guarantee accurate fletch placement and have instant brand name vane-swapping capabilities, allowing you to easily tune your broadheads. It’s easy take-down capability allows you to protect your fletching when traveling as well. NuFletch allows you to be ready for any hunting situation by instantly changing your fletching color and retuning or moving the fletching from shaft to shaft. Remember, perfect arrow flight produces greater impact and tighter groups…NuFletch provides all of that.

Through the ages, archery has been and will always be a challenge but that doesn’t mean fletching arrows has to be. NuFletch didn’t discover fire or invent the wheel, but it did reinvent the arrow. Stop fletching and start shooting.

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