Tonight on Shooting Gallery and The Best Defense


As any marriage counselor will tell you, the secret to a great relationship is communication. In a self defense context, the communication becomes even more important. We look at different scenario where the husband and wife get attacked. In the training segment, Mike Seeklander looks at two handed grip live fire. Michael Janich talks about having a coordinated plan and Michael Bane touches on who should lead if more than one in the party are carrying concealed.

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Shooting Gallery: The IDPA World Championships
In this episode of Shooting Gallery, Michael Bane is shooting all 27 stages of the Inaugural IDPA World Championship. This defensive pistol competition is about as close to the real world as you can get.

Airtimes on Outdoor Channel: 01-25-12 at 3:00AM | 01-25-12 at 4:00PM | 01-25-12 at 9:00PM | 01-26-12 at 1:30AM, all times Eastern.

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