Introducing the New Próis Intuition System


Próis has given the phrase “female intuition” a whole new meaning with the introduction of its Intuition System featuring HECS Stealthscreen™ technology which works to keep you concealed by blocking electromagnetic signals.  The lightweight, high-performance undershirt and pants are constructed of a revolutionary new material made of conductive carbon fiber that obstructs the body’s electric signal, ultimately reducing animal detection.  The first apparel company to license the use of HECS Stealthscreen, Próis has designed its under gear pants and shirt to be effective for both big game as well as bird hunting.

It’s a fact:  all living things emit an electromagnetic signal.  Many animals can detect electromagnetic signals, especially those put out when a hunter’s heart rate quickens.  The Faraday Cage principle – a discovery that led to other such inventions including lightning protection systems – is used to create the Próis Intuition System, a line of highly engineered hunting apparel which works to keep you undetected even at close range.  The material also has a high carbon content, which may aid in scent elimination from the core of the body working to make you even more invisible in the field.

Próis never wants you to settle for downsized menswear, or upsized children’s gear.  Designed for females by females, the Intuition System which includes a long-sleeve shirt and fitted pants is soft against the skin and breathable making for perfect layering pieces.  Created for the female form, its carbon fiber grid is constructed of carbon yarn and polyester.  The apparel is laser cut to resist fraying and features tapered ankle and wrist cuffs to both keep warmth in and fit properly with boots and gloves.  The garments are machine washable and proudly made in the U.S.A.

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