Kanawha, North Carolina Sheriff’s Office Selects Bushmaster Rifles


Bushmaster Firearms International (BFI) proudly announces that the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office of West Virginia recently purchased 50 custom-built Bushmaster 5.56mm rifles.  The new rifles are AR-15 type featuring chrome-lined, 16-inch barrels; A2 fixed-handle upper receivers; single-point sling attachment; 30-round magazine; and six-position telescoping buttstock. Every officer within Kanawha County’s Patrol Division and Criminal Investigation Section will now be issued a Bushmaster rifle.

“With the collapsible stock carbines, we have successfully trained and equipped individuals ranging from barely five feet tall and 100 pounds to those who were six feet, 10 inches,” said Lt. Rick Rose, a Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office firearms instructor.  “We believe that the residents of Kanawha County are safer with officers who are confident and comfortable with their issued weapon.”

For more information on the Bushmaster line of Law Enforcement rifles, please visit www.bushmaster.com.

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