SIG SAUER Launches Factory Short-Barreled Rifle Program


To meet the increasing interest in short-barreled rifles, SIG SAUER has introduced a line of factory-built SBRs for the consumer market.

“Interest in short-barreled rifles has never been greater,” said Jeff Creamer, SIG SAUER Director of Product Management. “What used to be primarily a military or law enforcement configuration is now being sought by the consumer market.”

As barrel and gas system length is reduced, reliable function can be compromised. Purchasing a factory-built SBR designed from the ground up and fine-tuned to be a short-barreled system greatly increases reliability and function.

SIG SAUER has previously offered complete short-barreled upper receivers for their SIG516 rifles, but this is the first time complete rifles are to be offered in SBR configurations.

Preferred by entry teams and CQB specialists for greater maneuverability in tight places, SBRs deliver significant ballistic performance over pistol-caliber weapons. With the growth of the suppressor market, SBRs have also seen increased interest from those who want a suppressed rifle without introducing additional length.

The Factory SBR Program will offer shortened variants of all SIG SAUER semi-automatic rifles, from the .22LR SIG522 to the 7.62 NATO SIG716. Each platform will have a SBR-tuned gas system to ensure maximum performance and reliability.

SBRs are available in Classic, Patrol and SWAT configurations, giving the user a wide variety of options. All NFA rules do apply; so please see your Class III firearms dealer for ordering information.

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