Bushmaster Now Offers Packaged Gun Part Kits for Modern Sporting Rifles


Bushmaster Firearms International (“BFI”) is pleased to announce that Bushmaster Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) packaged part kits are now available at retail counters and gun shops across the country.

Whether you are building your first AR rifle or have been carrying one for years on duty, having the right tools to fix common problems is critical. Bushmaster now offers kits especially designed to include those parts that are most commonly lost or broken.

2012 Part Kits Offerings:

  • AR “Lost Parts” Kit: The “Lost Parts” kit includes the most critical springs, detents, inserts and pins found in the AR platform. Designed to be carried afield, the kit features a small bag that fits in most pistol grips with storage capability. The Bushmaster AR “Lost-Parts” Kit retails for $15.95. Order number is 93382.
  • Field Repair Kit: The Field Repair kit is designed to get your AR15 back to full function in short order. By including parts that are commonly broken or lost such as magazine catch springs, takedown detent springs, extractor, cam pin, firing pin, disconnector, firing pin retaining pins, and gas rings you won’t be down for long. The Bushmaster Field Repair Kit includes a small bag that fits in most pistol grips with storage capability and retails for $35.90. Order number is 93380.
  • Lower Receiver Parts Kit: The Lower Receiver Parts kit includes all necessary internal parts to completely build an AR lower receiver. Included internal parts are trigger, hammer, disconnector, safety selector lever, bolt catch, magazine catch, magazine button, front and rear pivot pins, and all necessary pins, dentents, and springs. A standard A2-style pistol grip constructed of high-impact polymer featuring a ledge for the second finger, molded in checkering, and deep grooves on the backstrap for improved control under recoil is included in the kit. A molded high-density polymer trigger guard is also included. The Bushmaster Lower Receiver Parts Kits retails for $73.40. Order number is 93384.

For more information on the Bushmaster line of packaged parts, please visit www.bushmaster.com.

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