The Maxfit Glove with Thinglove Grip Technology


The team at O’Neill Innovations thrive on using science and leading-edge technology to create significant improvements in the consumer benefits offered by existing products. For them, established methods resulting in incremental product improvements just aren’t exciting.

“Above all else, we’re innovators,” said company president Michael O’Neill. “It’s all about finding new, innovative ways to refresh and modernize products we all use.”

Founded in 2007, O’Neill Innovations is revitalizing the market for everyday products by using novel material science to eliminate problems customers despise but have resigned themselves to accept. That concept is the inspiration for the company’s first product, the MAXFIT Thinglove grip technology.

The MAXFIT glove isn’t simply a redesign of an existing product; it’s a totally new category of outdoor glove. Engineered with an advanced proprietary technology designed to be kind to the skin, MAXFIT’s Thinglove TM construction enables the fingertips to maintain a level of touch sensitivity not possible with bulky gloves. They provide incredible dexterity and grip, allowing precise movement and control for even the most delicate tasks.

“We’re working to bring new technology to market by thinking about things differently,” O’Neill said. “We want to use our knowledge and innovation to significantly improve value and benefits for customers.”

Inventing new technologies has long been a passion for Michael O’Neill, President and Anthony Bromley, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer.

As president of his previous company, O’Neill invented a proprietary technology currently used in a sports equipment product made by Spalding. He earned a degree in chemical engineering at The Queens University of Belfast in his native Ireland, and worked for DuPont in engineering, project management, and research and development. He also led several successful new business development ventures in semi-permeable polyurethane materials science, and he has created a number of patented products.

The company firmly believes the customer comes first. “Listening and focusing on the customer’s needs by offering them the right solution and the best value is the key to mutual success”, said Anthony Bromley, Chief Marketing Officer.

While the company operates in the United States, their goal is to be recognized globally as an innovative leader.

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