WCS Conservationist Dr. Ullas Karanth Awarded India’s Prestigious Civilian Honor, the Padma Shri, for 2012



Wildlife Conservation Society’s Dr. Ullas Karanth has been awarded India’s prestigious civilian honor, the Padma Shri, for 2012.

This honor is conferred on distinguished individuals by the President of India. Dr. Karanth, Senior Scientist and WCS-India Country Director, has received this award for his outstanding contribution to wildlife conservation and environmental protection.

“Ullas is an extraordinary conservationist and colleague,” said Steve Sanderson, WCS President and CEO. “His contributions in the field of conservation, including his research on tigers, will help ensure the protection of this iconic creature and its habitat. His leadership in tiger conservation throughout Asia is well-recognized and has helped make WCS the leader in global tiger conservation. We have much reason to take pride in his work.”

Added John Robinson, WCS Executive Vice President for Conservation and Science, “Ullas’s scientific work has greatly advanced the conservation of tigers and other wildlife, not only in India but in all tiger range states. His work has led to accurate counts of tiger populations and helps us have an understanding of tigers and their prey.”

Dr. Karanth has conducted ground breaking research on the ecology of tigers and other large mammals. He pioneered radio-telemetry of tigers in India. He founded the Centre for Wildlife Studies, published more than 135 international peer-reviewed scientific papers and popular articles, and authored seven books in English and Kannada.

Dr. Karanth serves on the Indian Government’s Forest Advisory Committee, National Tiger Conservation Authority and Karnataka Government’s Tiger Conservation Foundation and Tiger Steering Committees. He is past Vice-President of the Bombay Natural History Society and a Scientific Advisor to several conservation advocacy groups in India.

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