Whitetails Unlimited’s 2011 Trail Camera Contest Winners Announced


Whitetails Unlimited Trail Camera Contest winners have been announced, with the nine winners coming from just four different states. Three winners were from Missouri, three from Michigan, two from Wisconsin, and one winner came from Nebraska.

The 2011 winners:

Best Buck category: First place – Ben Cottrell, Columbia, Missouri; second place – Cal Winsor, St. Johns, Michigan; third place – Don Carlson, Shepherd, Michigan.

Best Antlerless category: First place – Terry Saylor, Sweet Springs, Missouri; second place – Andy Twyman, Higginsville, Missouri; third place – Tara Sporleder, Pierce, Nebraska.

Best Non-Deer category: First place – Joe Reilly, Stoughton, Wisconsin; second place – Charles Glombowski, Marysville, Michigan; third place – Evan Nelson, Waldo, Wisconsin.

Whitetails Unlimited Magazine Editor Jeff Davis said that the WTU Trail Camera Contest will continue in 2012, and to watch the Whitetails Unlimited website for details. “Trail cameras are great for hunters, but they also capture an amazing variety of images from nature. This contest is great fun for us to judge, and by the number of entries submitted, it’s obvious a lot of hunters are using trail cameras, and not just in the fall.”

As for why there were so many winners from just four states this year? “It’s just one of those strange things,” said Davis. “We had hundreds of entries, from all across the country, but the judging was based only on the images, and no one saw any other information until after the votes were counted. Last year we had three winners from Wisconsin, but the other six winners were from six different states, from Delaware to Kansas. In 2010 we had winners from seven states.”

Photo Caption for image slugged 1st Cottrell, Ben Best Buck.jpg: This image, by Ben Cottrell, Columbia, Missouri, was the first place winner in the Best Buck category in Whitetails Unlimited’s 2011 Trail Camera Contest.

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