Video: Agilite and Israeli Special Forces Develop New Medevac Tool, the “Human Backpack”


Developed by the Israeli Army and Agilite, the Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC) or “Human Backpack” could be the newest addition to emergency medical equipment kits for hikers and rescue teams.

Hikers, hunters and other people who enjoy spending time out in the outdoors face the potential of injuries that Mother Nature can throw at them at any time. A slip and fall accident down a steep hillside, the encounter with and subsequent attack of a wild animal, a shotgun accident, snake bite, it can all happen. And in the wild – in sloping, irregular terrain that’s likely miles away from civilization – a simple accident can be fatal.

In comes the new “human backpack” from Agilite Gear that allows a rescuer to carry an injured person with a non-spinal injury on their back. The rescuer keeps his/her hands free and is able to step over terrain that would be impossible to pass in an off-road vehicle or by two people carrying a stretcher.

Watch the video demonstration and read the original press release posted below and consider making the IPC a staple in your emergency medical kit.

Original press release issued by Agilite Gear, released on January 30th, 2012:

Israeli tactical gear specialists Agilite Systems have just released a new piece of equipment that allows a single soldier or rescue professional to carry an injured person while keeping both hands completely free.

The IPC (Injured Personnel Carrier) came about when soldiers from one of the Israel Defense Forces’ elite units found that by connecting four rifle slings together they could carry injured soldiers like a backpack, instead of the traditional fireman’s carry.

Agilite turned the concept into a product, incorporated built-in padding and several other features and now it’s a more efficient alternative to the fireman’s carry that keeps both hands free and is significantly more comfortable for both the carrier and evacuee.

“Anyone who’s ever carried or been carried in a fireman’s carry knows it’s incredibly uncomfortable and inefficient,” said Lt. Col.(Ret) Dr Eric Setton, former Head of Medevac for 669, The Israeli Air Force’s elite search & rescue unit.

“The IPC gives you full maneuverability, keeping the injured person securely on your back and gives you full use of both your arms and legs. Whether you’re a soldier carrying a wounded operator out of a firefight or a rescue professional carrying an injured hiker up a steep hillside, the IPC is a must-have item.” Said Setton.

IPC Stats

  • Length 12.5 ft
  • Width 2″
  • Weight 0.77 lbs
  • Tensile Strength 5000 lbs
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