Carbon Express Continues to Sponsor Legends of the Fall


Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology, innovation and precision is proud to announce its renewed partnership with the Legends of the Fall crew. The team of Chris Ward, Eric Hale, Mark Luster, Dave Bogart, and Mike and Bonnie McFerrin continue to take Outdoor Channel viewers on a journey to the land of world-class whitetail bowhunting.

“Our crew here at Legends of the Fall battled an all-out whitetail blitz last season that rewrote the books of our very own hunting history,” stated Chris Ward. “My team members and I utilized the new Maxima Series of arrows this past season to ignite the world of whitetail in our upcoming episodes. We were amazed by the Dual Spine Weight Forward technology, resulting in increased precision and the results are proven on film.”

“We strive to showcase products that problem solve on our show,” remarked Eric Hale. “Carbon Expresshas proven itself once again to be the leading manufacturer of carbon arrows that set a new standard for all-around hunting performance.”

“The crew at Legends of the Fall consistently demonstrates their passion for and sportsmanship in the archery world,” stated Rob Eastman, the President of Carbon Express. “This dynamic team consists of some of the most avid archers from across the country; they do a great job showcasing the Carbon Express brand.”

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