Eldorado Canyon State Park, Colorado Implements Wildlife Closure to Protect Falcons


A seasonal wildlife closure is in effect on Redgarden Wall in Eldorado Canyon State Park to protect nesting and roosting sites of the canyon’s falcons. The walls of Eldorado Canyon provide critical breeding habitat for birds of prey such as prairie falcons.

The closure starts Feb. 1 through July 31, or until further notice and includes the following climbing routes: The Naked Edge (last 3 pitches only), The Diving Board, Centaur, Redguard (last 3 pitches only), Red Ant, Semi-Wild, Anthill Direct (last 3 pitches only), and The Sidetrack.

Human disturbances near the nest can cause abandonment and nest failure. As human actions and breeding and prey habitat loss continue to impact prairie falcon populations, it is even more essential that visitors to their homes respect these temporary restrictions.

To view the nest with a ranger or learn more about becoming a volunteer raptor monitor, please contact the park at 303-494-3943.


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