Incentive Trout Stockings Generate Excitement at Arizona’s Urban Lakes


Extra large trout from 2-6 pounds were stocked into all of the Urban Fishing Program lakes in Phoenix, Tucson and Payson on Jan. 13 as part of the annual incentive trout stocking. In addition to lots of big fish, an extra 15 percent more fish were put into the urban waters.

Anglers fishing Lakeside Lake in Tucson have reportedly been scoring some nice trout. Two boat anglers fishing with flies landed a couple of 17 inchers, a 19 incher, and lost a larger one. Other boaters using spinners and scented bait landed some monsters of 22 and 24 inches.

Shore anglers were doing well at other lakes with reports of lots of 14-16 inchers and some real bragging-size trout of 19-21 inches. A variety of baits are working on the 12- to 24-inch trout: Power Bait fished off the bottom, worms inflated with a bit of air, minnows, and small spinners such as Roostertails.

Fly fishermen are scoring well using midges, copper johns and simi seal leaches retrieved very slowly. With cold lake temperatures, the bite for catfish, bass and bluegill is slow. Trout fishing is consistently good to excellent at Green Valley lakes in Payson with Power Bait, Super Dupers and Kastmasters working best. Some anglers failed to heed our advice and had some big trout get away because they didn’t have a net.

More trout were stocked last week (Jan. 23-28).

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