New Hampshire Bobhouse Break-ins a Cause for Concern



After several incidents in which bobhouses were forcibly entered and gear stolen last week, New Hampshire Fish and Game Department officials are advising ice anglers to be aware that this activity is going on, to not leave items of value in their bobhouses, and to report suspicious activity to authorities.

The bobhouse break-ins have not been restricted to a single locality — shanties on two different bodies of water have been targeted. Incidents occurred this week on 19 Mile Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee in Tuftonboro and on Loon Lake in Freedom, N.H. Both were areas where a vehicle could be driven out onto the ice. The perpetrators pried locks off the bobhouse doors to gain access. Power ice augers, heaters and tip-ups were among the items stolen.

“The thefts are a serious legal violation and a real breach of trust for people who for years have believed their property would be safe in a community space,” said Fish and Game Conservation Officer Alex Lopanshanski. “In several of the cases, the fishing gear had sentimental value because it had been passed down in the family for many years.”

The N.H. Fish and Game Department is actively investigating the break-ins in conjunction with local police departments. Anyone who has information on the incidents, or who has witnessed suspicious activity, is being asked to contact N.H. Fish and Game Dispatch at 603-271-3361 or the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office at 603-539-2284.

“In the meantime, please be sure to remove valuable gear from your bobhouse when you leave, and call if you see any suspicious activity,” said Lopanshanski.

No further information is available at this time.

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