Species Selected for 2013 Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp Contest


The fourth annual Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp Contest will feature black-capped andCarolinachickadees, which are common inOhioand frequent backyard feeders.

The two species look nearly identical, but black-capped chickadees occupy the northern 1/3 of the state, andCarolinachickadees are found in the southern 2/3 of the state.

“We encourageOhioresidents to use their photography skills to showcase our native songbirds,” said James Zehringer, director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). “This is a unique opportunity to share the beauty of our black-capped andCarolinachickadees.”

Entries will be accepted Aug. 13-31, and the photographer with the winning image will receive $500. The contest is open to Ohioans age 18 years and older, however, budding photographers, age 17 and younger, will be able to compete in the youth division. For complete contest rules, visit www.wildohiostamp.com.

Photographers submitted 58 images during last year’s contest. The winning salamander photograph was captured by Nina Harfmann of Pleasant Plain. Her photo of a spotted salamander will appear on the 2012 Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp and be available for purchase on March 1.

The inaugural Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp, featuring a Baltimore oriole, went on sale March 1, 2010. Since then the stamp has raised more than $45,000. The collectible stamp and its companion photo contest are part of an innovative program intended to raise awareness and support for wildlife diversity.

It is important to note $14 out of every $15 Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp sold is invested inOhio’s Wildlife Diversity Fund. The fund supports habitat restoration, purchases and conservation easements, wildlife and habitat research projects, creation of wildlife educational materials, as well as efforts to restore and conserve endangered and threatened species.

Promotion and sale of the Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp has been a grassroots effort and found early success thanks to the dedication of conservation groups acrossOhio. For a limited time only, stamp collectors and conservationists will be able to purchase the 2010 and 2011 stamps.

More information about the Ohio Wildlife Legacy Stamp and other wildlife-related topics can be found at www.wildohio.com.

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