Bear Archery and Trophy Ridge Team Up with Major League Bowhunter


Rise Up. Join Us. That is the challenge that Bear Archery threw down this year and 3 men rose to the challenge. Matt Duff, Jeff Danker and Chipper Jones have now joined the ranks of an already strong Bear Archery family. Major League Bowhunter and Bear Archery hit one out of the park at the 2012 ATA show where a 2 year contract was signed that partners both Bear Archery and Trophy Ridge with the popular TV show that airs on The Sportsman Channel during the 3rd and 4th quarters.

“From the first phone call, to shooting the product, to our first face to face meeting, everything felt good to us about this new opportunity. We feel at home with the guys from Bear and truly believe in their products” stated Matt Duff with Major League Bowhunter.

Major League Bowhunter is a truly educational, bow hunting only show that covers every detail of the hunt in a fresh, new way never before seen on Outdoor Television. The show invites all hunters, both experienced and beginner to learn something from every encounter each week that will help them be more successful their next hunt!

Hosts Jeff Danker, Matt Duff, and Chipper Jones will take the viewer through an entire season of deer hunting successes and failures, delivering in a very unique way every aspect of their hunts. These avid outdoorsmen believe that there is always something that can be learned from every experience in the field, both good and bad!

“We couldn’t be more excited about our newly formed partnership with Major League Bowhunter, we look for long-lasting relationships with quality people and we feel we are getting all of that and more with Major League Bowhunter.” Says Jack Bowman, Vice President and General Manager for Bear Archery and Trophy Ridge.

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