Keith Warren Chooses Yukon Cold Locker by Igloo for “The High Road” TV Series


Keith Warren, internationally known professional outdoorsman and host of “The High Road” TV series, has chosen the Yukon Cold Locker by Igloo as his official cooler. The high performance Yukon will be used by him and his staff in all hunting and fishing segments on the TV show. Warren will also appear in commercials for the product and make appearances on its behalf.

According to Igloo executive vice president and chief product officer, David Thornhill, the relationship with Warren is a perfect fit. “Keith Warren has a reputation for being straight with hunters and fishermen about the products he uses,” said Thornhill. “We believe that the Yukon is the quintessential cooler for keeping food and drink fresh and your catch or kill safe for transport home. We’re thrilled that Keith agrees and his fans know he wouldn’t endorse a product he didn’t believe in. We’re delighted to have him representing the Yukon product and the Igloo brand to a high visibility group of dedicated outdoor aficionados.”

Warren says the Yukon is simply the best cooler he’s ever used. “I’m an active outdoorsman, so I expect a lot from my equipment. Yukon outhauls, has more important features that matter and lives up to its billing better than any cooler I’ve ever used,” he said. “It has wide, theft-resistant handles and an oversized, tethered drain plug. The Yukon is built with tamper-resistant latches and stainless steel fixtures, to ensure durability. Its thick insulation on the top, bottom and sides promises seven to 14-day ice retention, and it’s dry ice compatible.

“That cold retention is further enhanced by a 360 degree lid gasket, locking in the cold. That’s continuous cold performance that lasts throughout an entire trip,” he said. “Cool Riser Technology lifts the cooler off the ground, further improving its ability to retain cold temperatures. Simply put, the Yukon will outhaul, outlast and out-chill any other cooler on the market today and that’s why it’s the only one I’ll be taking with me on outdoor trips this year and that you’ll see me using on TV,” he said.

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