Wild Sheep Rifle Engraved by Baron Technology Nets $125,000 for USA Shooting


On Saturday night, January 21, a Winchester Model 94 engraved by Baron Technology, Inc. (BTI) went up for auction at the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) annual convention in Reno, Nevada, to benefit the USA Shooting Team. With two winning bidders donating the rifle back to be re-auctioned, this beautifully customized Winchester ultimately generated $125,000 for USA Shooting, the national governing body for Olympic shooting sports.

BTI’s newest hand engraver, Erica True, chose the No. 2-style engraving, as depicted on an original Winchester Model 94. Along with that exquisite scroll work, the receiver’s right side features an engraved image of “Big Ben” in its tower at the north end of the Palace of Westminster and the five Olympic Rings and 2012-the year of the summer Olympics in London. The rings and 2012 are 24K gold plated, as is the outline of the central image and the receiver’s outside border.

Enclosed in a 24K gold-plated outline in the receiver’s left-side, central area is the USA Shooting Team’s logo, which rests comfortably between a set of engraved laurels from of olive branches. The entire panel’s scrollwork is also surrounding by a 24K, gold-plated fine-line that perfectly matches the original Model 94’s pattern.

The bolt, trigger and the hammer were masterfully jeweled to create a stunning visual effect, which adds to the rifle’s overall appeal.

As a sponsor and supporter of USA Shooting, during the past decade, the Wild Sheep Foundation has provided auction opportunities that have generated more than $1 million in funding for the shooting team.

About Baron Technology, Inc.

For 30 years, Baron Technology, Inc. has worked with shooting associations, conservation groups and manufacturers to embellish firearms, cutlery and other products that become heirlooms and collectibles. Merging hand-engraving techniques used for centuries with today’s latest technology, Baron creates unique hand-engraved, sculpted-roll engraved, etched and multi-laser engraving processes to embellish all types of metal, synthetic and wood products. Baron services include a creative art department whose extraordinary custom designs are used by many industries and organizations around the world.

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