Kansas City, MO– Quail hunters and conservationists in Missouri’s Clay County have formed the state’s 23rd Quail Forever chapter. The Northwest Missouri Quail Forever chapter is committed to creating and improving habitat for bobwhite quail, pheasant and other wildlife, as well as introducing another generation of youth to Missouri’s long, rich history of bobwhite quail hunting.

Missouri, which was once one of the premiere quail hunting states in the country, has seen a significant drop in bobwhite quail populations since the late 1960s. Loss of habitat combined with intensive agricultural production has shifted the face of the landscape in the bird’s traditional range. However, organizations like Quail Forever and people like Kyle Uptegrove, president of the newly formed Northwest Missouri Quail Forever chapter, have worked diligently to reestablish Missouri’s favorite game bird. “Somebody has got to do something to get the birds back,” says Uptegrove, “And if I’ve got the means to do it, I’m going to get it done.”

Uptegrove grew up in Liberty, Missouri hunting bobwhite quail with his best friend Ryan Collins, who is also the chapter’s habitat chair, and Ryan’s pair of Brittanys. After a career as a professional bass angler, Uptegrove decided to use his passion for the outdoors to start the Northwest Missouri Quail Forever chapter. Based in Gladstone, Missouri, the chapter plans to accomplish habitat work through the northwest part of the state, including areas around Kansas City.

“The Northwest Missouri Quail Forever chapter is a group of determined men and women who I am confident will make a lasting impact for Missouri quail,” says Elsa Gallagher, Missouri Quail Forever regional wildlife biologist, “The younger generation like Kyle and the other members of the chapter have hit the ground running, and I look forward to seeing the habitat they develop and youth they inspire to get active in the outdoors.”

“We’re not doing this just for ourselves, we’ve seen the time of six to eight healthy coveys in a single day,” says Uptegrove, “We’re doing this for our children, our children’s children, and everyone who appreciates the covey rise and the places where you can find them.”

The Northwest Missouri Quail Forever chapter

  • The Northwest Missouri Quail Forever chapter has elected Kyle Hinton of Blue Springs as vice president, Ben Fiedler of Lee’s Summit as youth/education chair, Shawn Stebbins of Cameron as the secretary/communications chair, and Ryan Collins of Smithville as the habitat chair.
  • The chapter’s first meeting will be held at 6PM on Wednesday, March 28, at the Corner Café in Liberty, Mo.
  • The chapter plans to hold a youth event after its fall banquet, during which youth, under the supervision of guardians, will take place in a quail hunt and/or a trap shooting.
  • For more information about the chapter, including upcoming meetings and events, contact Kyle Uptegrove at 816-916-4244 or via Email.

Missouri is home to 23 Quail Forever chapters, 5 Pheasants Forever chapters and over 2,700 Pheasants Forever and/or Quail Forever members. For more information on “The Habitat Organization” in Missouri, contact Elsa Gallagher at (573) 680-7115 or via Email.

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