NRA Instructor, Lynne Finch has taken on the challenge of organizing an event that has spread across the nation like a Wildfire Fueled with Gun Powder! Inspired by the writings of competition shooter Julie Golob, in Golob’s book “SHOOT”, Lynne was moved by Golob’s  fond memories of shooting with her dad as a youth.  Lynne is author of blog “Female and Armed” and has teamed with Evan Carson, her firearms instructor and close friend, to file for Non-Profit status, organize and promote this event. Both she and Evan have been overwhelmed at the positive response and support received only a few weeks after the idea popped into her head!

Although the event specifies daughters in the title,  it will be focused on bringing those girls out to the range,  bringing awareness to many people that girls may want to shoot too! Statement from official website: “Learning to shoot gives young women confidence, helps to build self-esteem, and introduces them to a sport they can participate in their whole lives.”

This event will place emphasis on firearm safety and education, as well as family participation in what many experience as an exciting and fun sport.

Lynne says “So if you live near a range, spread the word about National Take Your Daughters To The Range Day, or better yet, volunteer to help them host an event.  Promotional materials should be available online soon at little to no charge – and if you don’t have a daughter, adopt one for the day!  It could make a huge difference in her life.”

Check their website here NTYDTTRD for updates and information on ranges across the nation, or contact Lynne to possibly assist with a shoot near you.  Sponsorship opportunities are available,at many different levels, needed and well deserved, you can request information via contact link on the official website above.

I am very excited to be a small part of this huge event by helping to facilitate a shoot here in my immediate area, North Houston, TX. Mike Scambray, Range Master for “Gun Emporium” Conroe, TX has saved the date, JUNE 9th, 2012 and is presently working to make this a great day for Girls & Guns!

“I have grown since I started shooting,” she said. “I’m more confident, it helped my sense of self-esteem to learn a new sport, and I know I can defend myself. More than that…it is fun! More women are coming to shooting, [so] wouldn’t it be wonderful to encourage parents to teach their daughters to shoot? A family bonding experience, a great experience for young girls, maybe even introduce someone who is new to the sport to something they can enjoy the rest of their lives.”  —Lynne Finch

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