According to multiple reports out of Oregon, Senate Bill 1594 was rejected and House Bill 4045 was passed.

SB 1594 was hotly contested and was defeated by 1 vote— 15-14. The bill would have prohibited gun owners from carrying weapons on school, college or university grounds. The measure contained an allowance for local boards to write policies allowing certain individuals to carry concealed weapons on those grounds.

HB4045 passed on a wave of bipartisan support— 24-5. The bill disallows public agencies from disclosing the names or private information of Oregon residents with concealed weapons licenses.

An earlier version of HB4045 passed the house by a similar margin.  However, the Senate added clauses that allow for victims to receive the records of individuals convicted of committing a crime against them.

At this point it is unclear which version of the bill Oregon’s Governor will sign into law.

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