Turkey hunters nationwide with that “been there, done that” itchiness are searching for bigger and bigger challenges. Many have found that bow hunting for wily gobblers is about as challenging as it gets.

Rage’s introduction of new 2-blade and 3-blade Turkey Broadheads provides a solution to one of the most problematic aspects of hunting gobblers with a bow. The rear-deploying broadheads are designed with extra-long blades and extreme cutting diameter for massive entry holes and quick kills.

Designed exclusively for turkey hunting, the 2-blade Turkey Broadhead has a 2.25-inch cutting diameter, and the 3-blade Turkey Broadhead has a 1.75-inch cutting diameter. Both broadheads feature 1.25-inch blade edges. Both broadheads offer the ShockLock blade-retention system.

This proprietary system allows the blades to lock in place by using an O-ring that acts as a shock absorber for the blades. They remain locked in place until the moment of impact.

The new Rage Turkey Broadheads are easily recognizable by their green ferrule design. They will be available at retailers nationwide before turkey hunting season. The Rage 2-blade Turkey Broadhead 3-pack with practice head should sell for about $44.99. The Rage 3-blade Turkey Broadhead has a suggested price of $44.99 for a 3-pack with a practice head.

Photo: Rage

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