When Storm introduced the Wiggle Wart, anglers became instant believers in the lure’s irresistible, wide, side-to-side searching action that triggered bite after bite. Now, Storm introduces the next Wart generation with the Deep Rattlin’ Flat Wart.

The new Deep Rattlin’ Flat Wart features a slightly taller profile with flat sides that provide maximum flash. Its deep-diving lip is integrated into the body of the lure for down-and-dirty, deep-water rooting action.

“This lure has it all,” said Terry Bolton, Storm pro angler. “Its tight profile with a durable deep-diving lip produces a hard flash that commands attention and a tight vibration that gravitates fish right to it.”

With a shoehorn-style lip and 3D holographic eyes, the Deep Rattlin’ Flat Wart features an internal rattle that bellows through the water column. When confronted with structure, its buoyant body bounces back as tension is released.

Featuring VMC Black Nickel treble hooks, the Deep Rattlin’ Flat Wart is available in two sizes: 05 and 07. Size 05 is 2 inches long, weighs 3/8 ounce with a running depth of 7-13 feet. Size 07 is 2-¾ inches long, weighs 5/8 ounce and has a running depth of 8-15 feet. Both sizes come in 13 standard color patterns and four revolutionary UV Bright finishes.

“Storm’s UV Bright finishes are truly different than standard UV finishes,” said Bolton. “They literally soak in UV light while enhancing the belly color of the lure, enticing the strike.”

Storm UV Bright finishes utilize a matte finish coat. The matte finish minimizes the initial reflection off the surface coating in order for the optical brighteners and fluorescent paints to collect and return a maximum amount of light. This allows the paints to accept as much energy as possible in order to vividly release it.

The structure of Storm UV Bright finishes is taken from the basic components of forage species where the strength of color is found along the back, giving way to a white underbelly beneath. Like a beacon, the fluorescent belly stripes highlight the target area of the lure.

UV Bright finishes for the Deep Rattlin’ Flat Wart include Green Fire, Orange Fire, Pink Fire and Mossy Orange Fire.

Warning: side effects of using the Deep Rattlin’ Flat Wart include sore arms and back, frequent use of net, multiple high fives and intense fish-fighting action.

Suggested retail price: $5.99

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