Sure-Loc, the makers of the world’s most accurate target sights, announced the introduction of a revolutionary new model that adjusts to your natural position, the Icon. The unique design of the Icon produces the world’s first sight that easily puts you and the sight in perfect alignment, regardless of your hand cant or bow position. Until now, shooters have been forced to physically adjust their form to ensure that their sights are in line with gravity, but with the Icon, a simple twist changes everything.

The new Gravity Drop Technology in the Sure-Loc Icon allows for micro-adjustments to be made to the vertical bar for up to 15 degrees of tilt in either direction to accommodate natural hand cant. This allows you to take up a tension-free position that will not only reduce fatigue, but it will also significantly improve your shooting since you don’t have to work to reestablish your optimal position between shots.

In addition, the Icon has a unique micro-adjustable 3rd-axis, and the 1/10-degree-per-click adjustments allow you to quickly swing the angle of your scope lens into perfect alignment. This micro alignment is especially important for uphill and downhill shooting accuracy. This 3rd-axis adjustment eliminates lens reflections and distortion that result from angled views with improperly aligned scopes.

The Icon is constructed of high-strength materials including an extra-light titanium guide rod and a finely threaded elevation rod that provide exceptionally smooth and precise elevation adjustment in any weather conditions. To prove the durability, performance and accuracy Sure-Loc put the Icon through an extensive series of tests, including a submersion test and a violent, repetitious shaker test.

The three-day underwater submersion test proved the Icon’s windage and elevation adjustments would perform flawlessly after being subjected to rain or even a complete dunking in a pool. The Icon was also subjected to a 3,500 shakes-per-minute test in a modified paint shaker. After more than 4 million brutal shakes, the paint shaker broke down, but the Icon’s adjustment settings were still as perfect as they were when the Icon was attached to the machine. These tests were repeated for all to witness during the three-day ATA Show last month.

The Icon’s unique design is exceptionally accurate because its precisely repeatable vertical and horizontal micro-adjustments are non-locking. This means no added stresses that affect accuracy are added by the tension of locking down each adjustment. The mount, bar and frame on the new Icon are constructed of black-anodized aluminum, with a rounded, ergonomic design that have near-zero tolerances. The Icon will accept your choice of scope, and there is a quick-detach feature to remove the scope for storage and transportation. The Icon also includes a lightweight, rheostat-controlled, variable-intensity LED Sight Light that threads directly into the quick-detach sight base.

The new Icon is available in two models, the 400 and 550, and each is available with either a 6-inch or 9-inch extension bar to suit the archers desired sight radius. The Icon 400 has a 4-inch frame height, and the Icon 550 has a 5.5-inch frame height. Although the new Icon is packed with cutting edge adjustments and components, great effort was made to eliminate weight without compromising strength, accuracy or repeatability. The Icon 400 with the 6-inch extension weighs in at 7.8 ounces, while the 9-inch version weighs 8.5 ounces, respectively. The Icon 550 with 6-inch extension tips the scales at just 8.36 ounces, and the 9-inch weighs 9.2 ounces. Both models are available in either left- or right-hand versions.

Whichever model you choose, the Icon will give you the ability to easily assume the most natural shooting position while knowing the sight is always in line with gravity and elevate your game with amazing scores. Suggested retail price is $399.99.

The video below was recorded at the Archery Trade Association Show in 2012 by Watch as the sight’s engineer explains the product and the camera zooms in on the highlighted features.


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