Fish biologists Marie Schrecengost and Michelle Casto-Yerty with the Lower Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office (LGLFWCO) hosted the Great Lakes Ecology students from the University of Buffalo on February 29, 2012. Students learned about the different program areas within the LGLFWCO: Native Fish, Habitat, Aquatic Invasive Species, and Geographic Information Systems and how each program supports the mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Marie Schrecengost led demonstrations of sampling equipment including nets used to collects plankton and fish, radio tags used to track fish, and equipment used to sample sediment form lake and river bottoms. In addition, students observed stomach contents of dissected fish collected from the wild and learned how biologists ‘read’ scales from fish to estimate age. Students also had the opportunity to learn about lake sturgeon, a large species of fish native to the Great Lakes and the status of sturgeon species worldwide. Michelle Casto-Yerty presented results on the LGLFWCO’s research on lake sturgeon in the lower Niagara River. It was a valuable experience for the students, allowing them to meet with biologists and learn about ongoing research within the LGLFWCO.

Photo Credit: USFWS

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