The true dynamic of sharpening is the amount of pressure one applies to the blade. Pressure is almost 70% of any sharpening technique. Your sharpening medium (Diamond, Stone, Steel, Ceramic, Tungsten, etc)  is a mere 10% of the overall sharpening dynamic. This is why a lot of people cannot sharpen, with the products on the market today. Ceramic Sticks, Flat Stone, Steel, Grinding Wheel, Tungsten rod, Pull-thru Carbide scraper, etc… ALL require user to apply equal pressure and holding the same angle throughout the stroke – Good Luck.

It is the pressure of the blade against the grit, being held at a specific angle that actually achieves the ever-elusive EDGE. It is the amount of pressure that determines the amount of material that is being removed – too much pressure results in a burr or rolled edge; too little pressure results in not even reaching the edge or not completely removing the burr. How coarse the sharpening surface is, actually determines how much pressure to apply – the more coarse the surface, the less pressure you need.

People often discuss what “Rock” to use. Well, the “Rock” just happens to be the second (or third) oldest tool man has ever used (Spear, Knife, and something to sharpen them with).

With today’s hard steel knives, it is time to evolve… from the Rock.

Thanks to progress, we have developed a sharpener that maintains the same pressure, and maintains the exact same angle throughout the entire stroke, from hilt through the tip (and yes, I said thru the tip).

While keeping your blade flat against the Guide, pull your blade down and out of the machine. It does everything – Applies equal pressure at the same consistent angle.

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