A Michigan woman has been terrorized by a wild turkey on her property for several weeks now, and he’s not begging for food. The turkey terrorizes Edna Geisler, 69, of Commerce Township, Michigan by stalking her car every morning beginning at 7 A.M. He follows her to the front door, screeches at her and occasionally attacks her when she steps outside.

John Wisely wrote the article on Geisler and the turkey that appeared in the Detroit Free Press March 5th, 2012. When Geisler was talking about the troubles the turkey causes her, she said, “I had to go next door to the neighbors and have him use a push broom to keep them away while I brought the groceries in.”

According to a report by Eric Seals, the videographer for the story, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources was called to remove the bird, but they said they could not touch it as it’s protected under Michigan law.

Photo: anoldent

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One thought on “Wild Turkey Terrorizes Michigan Woman at Home

  1. Silly assed DNR!  They can’t/won’t touch it but somebody will shoot it and DNR won’t know.  How stupid!  Bureaucrats, politicians and retards.  All have the same thing in common!

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