A handful of Brazilian civilians and foreign tourists became conservation officers for a minute on Monday, March 5th when they made a collaborated effort to save a pod of dolphins from beaching themselves on the shores of Arraial do Cabo in Brazil.

In what could have been mistaken for a mass dolphin suicide, 20 to 30 dolphins purposely swam up onto the shore at the same time and began thrashing on the sand. Jennifer Viegas reporting for Discovery News wrote “from New England to Peru, an unprecedented number of dolphins have been beaching themselves in recent weeks, and experts are grappling to understand why.” They theorize that it could be the unseasonably warm weather, geography, movement of prey, and other reasons – no one understands exactly why it’s happening.

Curious beach-goers pondered for seconds about what to do, but eventually teamed up to drag all the dolphins back in the water. Within three minutes, all the dolphins were swimming back out into the ocean.


Photo: bobistraveling

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