In the context of its initiative to secure the .sport generic top level Internet domain name, SportAccord is proud to announce that the inaugural meeting of the Policy Advisory Board took place on 7 March 2012.

Members of the Policy Advisory Board include the International Olympic Committee as well as 24 representatives of International Sports Federations. The objective of this new entity is to assist SportAccord in defining and operating the adequate usage policy for the future .sport domain name, specifically in the field of reserved names policy, registrant eligibility, naming restrictions, usage policy and enforcement mechanisms.

The Policy Advisory Board will meet twice before the submission deadline and then on a regular basis, each year in the frame of the SportAccord Convention, and the SportAccord IF Forum.

The SportAccord application to the .sport domain name is supported by the IOC and a very large number of International Sports Federations and Organisations with an objective of protecting the interest of the Sports Movement and preventing improper usage of the domain.

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