You might be a fake redneck if…

With Alabama and Mississippi both having their presidential primaries on Tuesday, residents of both states were treated to some comical and not-too-convincing displays from Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. In the days leading up to the primary both candidates tried their best to assure residents from the two states that they are really just good ol’ boys.

Gingrich struck first by garnering the endorsement of Bass Angler Sportsman Society founder Ray Scott. Gingrich even appeared in a photo opportunity wearing a shirt sporting a B.A.S.S. logo.

In the one-upmanship game Romney trumped Gingrich big time. He appeared in Mobile, Alabama with Jeff Foxworthy and accepted the comedian’s endorsement. He told Foxworthy he was looking forward to “going hunting with him sometime.”

Romney was mocked in Mississippi for trying to sound Southern as he talked and telling residents in that state how much he liked grits. On Monday he said he ate catfish for the second time and said he like it. Previously he said he didn’t care much for it.

Romney apparently doesn’t learn very well. In 2008 while running for president he told voters that he was a lifelong hunter but after being pinned down admitted he had been only twice. Romney has two shotguns registered in his name, both purchased after the 2008 election.

Photo: Gingrich campaign

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