Let me introduce you to the world-renowned dog trainer, Jeremy Moore, aka “Shed Dog Whisperer” and inventor of the new DogBone.

A frenzy of whitetail hunters from across the country have taken up a wildly popular fresh sport called, shed hunting – a growing fad that has taken the industry by the antler! The exciting prolificacy of shed hunting has created an incredible demand for shed hunting accessories. Moore’s experience and background in the arena of bird dog training has ignited a new fire that now bridges the educational gap to train dogs to find antlers; the DogBone system.

“Shed dog training is similar to upland training with the exception of scent discrimination,” said Moore. “One of the biggest concerns I have when it comes to introducing the puppy to an antler is making sure that the first experience is a safe, pleasant, fun time. The reason I developed the DogBone was to eliminate the risk of having a pup poke themselves in the eye or nose and ends up to be what is essentially a ‘shed shy’ dog.”

The DogBone retrieving dummy looks like an antler but is made of the same material as the Deadfowl retriever, a dense foam material that allows for a very safe, pleasant experience when your pup first picks it up. Moore strongly focuses on the introduction phase to be a positive experience for your dog. Puppies are not born ‘gun shy’ or ‘shed shy’, instead they are conditioned to be that way when introduced to gunfire or shed hunting improperly.

Moore explained, “On any given day, a shed dog is apt find an antler 5x more frequent than going out alone. I’ve had countless encounters where I would’ve walked right past a hunk of antler, but thanks to my dog; that rarely happens anymore.”

For the casual observer, cast sheds are nothing more than discarded bone. To Moore and thousands of other antler junkies, they provide a valuable reference tool. There’s much to discover from fallen bone. Most obvious, it’s a key identifier that a buck is still roaming your property. Hunter’s can estimate a rough score and age from antlers. An antler reveals the precise runway a buck may use, which can be effortlessly backtracked into his core area during the late winter early spring months. An abundance of insight is collected from picking up an antler. It gives you a general look at the prospects you have for the next hunting season.

Moore’s main goal is to provide customers with the highest quality manufactured outdoor products in the country that are both realistic and effective. He has provided the tools and resources necessary to “cross-train your previously trained retrievers to be successful shed hunting dogs. Moore Outdoors, LLC is the very first company to provide shed hunting enthusiasts with training kits as well as individual shed hunting retriever training tools. You may find more information about shed hunting and his assortment of highly acclaimed shed hunting tools online at, www.mooreoutdoors.net.

Trudging through the soggy snow in search for massive whitetail headgear can be completely irresistible. The time spent ‘shedding’ with your newly trained dog will instill memories that will last a lifetime. Taking a weekend to put your eyes to the antler challenge is a rush. Shed antler hunting proves to be one of the most pleasurable sports when hunting season’s closed. Next time you have a chance, lace-up the hiking boots and hit the woods for a great weekend experience with your family, friends, and the one and only, man’s best friend.

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