This week on Outdoor Channel, Shooting Gallery explore terminal ballistics from the baseline to the extreme and everything in between. You get to see how defensive rounds perform in gelatin and you might be surprised. Robert Carradine from the Long Riders is our guest in the Ruger Rimfire Celebrity Challenge. Only on Outdoor Channel.

Airtimes on Outdoor Channel: 03-14-12 at 3:00AM | 03-14-12 at 4:00PM | 03-14-12 at 9:00PM | 03-15-12 at 1:30AM, all times Eastern.

This week on The Best Defense: Active Shooter

Most of us work for 40 hours a week. During that period of time in our workplace, we’re focused on what we’re paid to do. When that focus is so narrow, we might miss situations that are developing around us, situations that can turn violent and terrifying. In this episode, we cover violence in the workplace and how we can prepare and defend ourselves.

Air times on Outdoor Channel: 03-14-12 at 7:30PM | 03-14-12 at 11:30PM | 03-15-12 at 2:30AM, all times Eastern.

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